Easy Ride in – May 16th


An oddly simple ride today. Pulled out onto N. Shore a little later than usual expecting the line to have already formed – but no. Hardly had any traffic at all until Marsh Folly.

HOWEVER, there were a couple Good Samaritans. One had stopped in the middle of the Frog Lane/Palmetto Rd. roundabout to let everyone out of Frog Lane. There was a bus directly behind them edging ever-closer to their bumper…they were about to get a push!

One of the beneficiaries of this providence was what I call a Sandman. These are the dump trucks full of screenings, sand or fill piled over the tailgate…with NO frickin’ tarp over the top! Stupid bastards are oblivious to the harm they could cause a rider, as the pebbles come bouncing off the back. But you would think – with Bermuda’s obsession with ‘pretty’ vehicles – that they could also scratch someone’s car (Gasp!). Morons.

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