Some of the Characters in the Morning…


On the morning ride – when I’m not working the middle lane or fighting for my life! – I see some colorful characters fairly regularly…this morning reminded me that I can tell the Ether about them!

  • Crossing Guard 1 – A little, smiley gent who is the crossing guard at Francis Patton. I always see him chatting with the kids & helps them out of their cars. Always smiles & waves when I toot him.
  • Joe StandAround – I can only assume he’s a gardener for someone down on the corner outside Flatts. Pretty ironic that I always see him standing around watching the traffic, when the little garden he looks after is fantastic…vegetables, flowers, everything grows beautifully. Never responds to my beeps.
  • The Dog Guy – Having seen him with several dogs, all German Shepards & all beautiful, he must be a trainer of some kind. The dogs are usually huge and he has them trained to perfection. I usually beep to him & he shouts his response…nice gentleman.
  • Crossing Guard 2 – A round, older man who is the guard at the crossing right after the Palmetto Road/Frog Lane roundabout. Always waves really slowly!
  • Stop Sign Ras – The really dark-skinned guy with dreads, who sits outside the Work & Engineering/Marsh Folly gate & stops traffic for the trucks tuning in or out. Always give him a beep too.

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