Wet & Windy


Once the weather started to play up yesterday evening, I knew it was the start of several days of bad weather (thanks, Bda. Weather Service). But I DID get a chance to leave home earlier than usual, even in the drizzle. What a difference! I never had to stop or slow down for traffic – apart from passing a bus near Clayhouse…so easy! Didn’t get to see any of the usual folks though, it was just too early.

Did have a minor incident next to Shelly Bay field. Someone had left one of those green plant-pots out last night, which of course had blown out onto the road. The car in front of me was SO paranoid about it, they went all the way over the line (all 4 tires) on that blind corner!
Being the ex-footballer that I am…in my mind anyway!!!…I eased to the right of the pot & put the mighty, left-footed, toe poke on it. The pot skidded over onto the curb & cracked in pieces & I went on my merry way, having done my Good Road Deed for the day.

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