Aaah, Bermuda Day…on a frickin’ Wednesday :(


So Momma was doing the run first-thing on Wed. morning, so she was long gone by the time the Little Wookies & I ventured out onto the road.
Coming from Bay along North Shore – the usual morning route – was eerily quiet compared to normal. No traffic to speak of going our way (into Town) and nothing much the other way either…then I get a REALLY stupid idea: go up Palmetto Rd. towards Bernard’s Park. Made it all the way to the Glebe overpass & had to do a U’ie…much to the distaste of the Boy in Blue trying to send me over St. Monica’s!!
Backtracking to Dock Hill & back onto N. Shore, we made it to the gas station – wherein we sat for 15 mins, while some Police Recruit/Reservist attempted to IMPROVE the traffic in and out of Blackwatch Pass. She was failing miserably!
Peeled past her to Berkeley Road, St. John’s, Woodlands & slipped into the Bull’s Head shade finally. What an operation!

One thought on “Aaah, Bermuda Day…on a frickin’ Wednesday :(

  1. It’s always a disaster. Last year we tried to get out of Hamilton to go to Elbow and ended up being diverted all the way to Shelly Bay. Retarded! At least this year they changed the route and/or the timings, but still crazy.

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