Twas the Night Before May 24th…


Not a spectacular ride into Town on Tuesday, but the ride home WAS! Mounted the Trusty Steed on Front St. just at dusk, after a lengthy visit with the boys. Realized that it was dark just enough to flick on the lights for the journey Home…no headlight. Having had trouble with the electrics on Ol’ Betsy, I did what any red-blooded male would do – flicked the switched over & over until I got a response. Unfortunately, only the High beam would work. This of course was greeted with counter-headlight flashing from the Oncomers & the occasional verbal jybe. HOWEVER, upon ascending Lane Hill I noticed a decided lack of illumination in front. The whole headlight unit was shot, except the Blinkers. Only one way home…ride with the blinker going the whole time! Needless to say EVERY passing vehicle had a go at me, but luckily … thanks to several cut-outs to/from Middle Rd., South Shore and Harrington Sound Rd. … avoided the Babylon Oppressor!!!

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