Rush Hour Bicycle Rant


With Daylight Savings now in full swing, the number of people exercising before & after work has increased dramatically. All credit to them…as I sit here wallowing in pseudo-sedentary, extra poundage! I envy them having the time for such pursuits.

However, I have said it before (on the Forum) & I’ll say it again. Pedal cyclists need to be asked to not ride along certain stretches of road during peak Rush Hour. It causes more slow downs than the Grannies do, for goodness sake!

One guy today – obviously relieved of his driver’s license recently – was wobbling along North Shore this morning slowing everyone down. No helmet, loose clothes dangling over the sprockets, untied work boots & not even attempting to stay over to the left. He almost got whacked twice that I saw in the 30 seconds he was close to me.

I used to be one of these health-conscious folks, riding my mountain bike to Town & back during the Spring and Fall. But I always left Home before 7am and Town after 6pm, just to avoid the headaches.

5 thoughts on “Rush Hour Bicycle Rant

  1. Agreed Wholeheartedly!On Saturday I had the pleasure of riding behind a pack of about 15 – 20 skin tight suited ‘pro’? riders, that were in no hurry to go anywhere for sure…. definately way under the speed limit, and holding up traffic! Drives me crazy…. just wanted to overtake then drive slow in front of them going up a hill to see how they like it…..

  2. Agreed from this side as well. What’s painful is when you’re behind a pair (or trio) of cyclists and they don’t want to ride single-file but in one big bunch. Frustrating, and again especially during rush-hour.

  3. Bikes are only worth ten points anyway. Seriously, we need bigger roads and/or cycle lanes – neither of which are practical.

  4. Cycle lanes would be great but like adjustah said, impractical. Maybe use could be made of the railway trail but I can see problems with that approach as well.

  5. The reason cyclists take up a whole lane is so that maniacs in cars don’t try to squeeze by on their left at high speed. They are just trying to avoid a dangerous situation while excercising their right to be on the road.

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