"What’s an Indicator?"


Out of the mouths of Babes…the Little Wookie asked me that question the other day & I was forced to suppress a laugh. That may well be the response of some of our motorists (particularly the 4-Wheelers) who don’t really know how & when to use their Indicators. I have, as usual, compiled a listing of the misuse of Indicators:

Indicator Abandonment – The non-use of some sort of turning signal – beit Hand signal, Blinker, whatever – is one of the worst acts of laziness for a motorist & can be truly Deadly for someone on a Bike. I have had cause to express my displeasure (Read: Scream At!) to fellow motorists on a daily basis for Indicator Abandonment.

Indicator ABUSE – laudable for actually using it, but not the BEST use of an Indicator. For example, approaching a roundabout like the one at Dock Hill/Palmetto Rd. from Town. If you are turning Left down Dock Hill, you should indicate LEFT; if you are heading back around to Frog Lane, you should indicate RIGHT. Nothing else is acceptable…those who think that indicating Right in order to continue along Palmetto Rd. are making West-bound traffic stop, because they see your indication and making Bike Speeders head up the inside of them.

I may have inadvertently contributed to the growing trend to Indicator Abuse…on my ride into Town. As you approach Flatts Hill from N. Shore, I have ALWAYS indicated: Left if going up the Hill and Right if continuing along N. Shore. I now see many people doing the same which, in Rush Hour, helps all concerned to see who heading where.

I have always wanted to paint over the ever-so-helpful sign says “Signal Right Turn” & change it to Signal NOW!

One thought on “"What’s an Indicator?"

  1. You’ve read my mind. I was thinking of actually putting up something underneath the sign in Flatts but your suggestion is much better (and cheaper).I’d like to add honourable mention to those who think it’s helpful to only turn on the indicator light as they are actually turning instead of before they turn. Most recent case of this was a guy pulling into the Aquarium parking lot. Stops suddenly, turns in to parking lot and indicates after people have already passed (and undoubtably muttering curses under their breath).

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