4 1/2 Bucks, Magic Bus


Many years ago, way back in Secondary school, the bus was my only means of trans. We had a good crew of kids from all walks of life, who rode the #1 bus from Town together. It WAS pretty hot in the summer and often crowded, but it served it’s purpose – getting us home safely. I had my first bus ride since then Tuesday night…and not that much has changed!

Ok well the price has changed, it’s now $4.50 to get me home, and the number I need to take is different, and there’s aircon! But otherwise same ol’ same ol’. Lots of tourists, lots of people in general and unfortunately teenagers. One delightful young man on my ride was regailing his mate about something. But it was impossible to figure out the topic because ever other word was F###, Sh## even Pus## and Cu## as well. The poor visitor, an older lady, sitting in front of him was scarlet she was so embarassed.

It only took me a mere 10 minutes longer to make it home than if I was riding…not bad.

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