Now THAT was some rain!!!


The sprinkles on Tuesday (a/k/a London rain) were only moderately annoying in comparison to the deluge yesterday…Wow! I got extremely lucky for my ride through all that water.

Having dropped Ol’ Betsy off at the doctors Tues. morning for some electrical work, she wasn’t ready in time to ride home. Rode the Bus home [more on that later!] & hitched into work in a 4-Wheeler. Boy, was I glad it worked out that way.
The water running down Crawl Hill was higher up on the sidewalks than I’ve seen in quite a while. Other fellow Bikers we trying to avoid the bigger puddles, etc. many to little avail.

A good tip for those unfamiliar with riding in heavy rain:
– Get behind a car/van that you can see through, ie. see out their windshield at the road ahead. When approaching a puddle, follow their right-hand tire through the water. Their wheel naturally displaces the water, leaving less water for YOU to deal with.

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