Bull’s Head Car Park Throughway


As mentioned in one of my first posts, my route IN to Town runs through the Bull’s Head car park…and quite illegally in fact. Bikes are not supposed to go through, but it IS a great shortcut. But when the Wookie Mobile is at my disposal, I also tend to park in the Outside lots nearest Canal Road. It’s a handy way to get in & out of Town quickly, with only a short walk as penance.

This brings up the point of this ramble: Why do the standard road markings, signs, etc. cease at the entrance to Bull’s Head Car Park?

In the Bull’s Head covered parking structure, there’s a lot happening a small space. 4-Wheelers blasting in and heading up the ramp to the upper levels, then pulling into the first available spot (at speed usually!), passers-through blasting in one side & out the other, Mini Bus parked wherever it feels necessary…the list is endless. All of this because the Corporation of Hamilton can’t off their rumps to paint a few lines & put up a sign or 2. Have they run out of yellow paint?

Example: On more than one occasion, after parking in the Outside lot & making my way through, a 4-Wheeler has come tearing in and hit me while taking the last rightie to go up a level. Where is the Zebra Crossing…raised or otherwise? Is there a speed LOWER Limit in the building or something?

Okay – rant over!

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