World Cup Fever!!!


Isn’t it amazing how the World Cup has an effect on everything? The bars (obviously!) are doing a booming trade…at 10am on Tuesdays as well as the standard Saturday & Sunday. But the congestion on the roads has been out of whack too.

Take today. Early this morning, traffic was mental! It seemed EVERYONE was on the road early & often, so I believe it had something to do with Trinidad & Tobago vs. England on at 1:00pm. Most of the fans were going to watch the game somewhere, so they figure they get into work early & have a longer lunch. Makes sense to me.

And as you might be able to tell from the lack of posting, Yours Truely is in fact a fan too!!!

One thought on “World Cup Fever!!!

  1. July 1st. Stuck at work while England v Portugal is going on.Have had to endure horn blaring for the past hour or so as the celebrations in the street continue.Traffic is predictably slowed right up, and the two police officers I noticed walking down the street didn’t seem interested at all in at least making the roads passable. Figures.Anyway, back to the grindstone, maybe I’ll get out in time to see some of the late match.

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