Cup Match


Having been in Bermuda a while (Hah!), I am one of the few of my circle of mates who enjoys going to The Game. Not that I’m a cricket aficionado – quite the contrary. My playing days were confined to being an above-average Keeper as a teenager, but the future prospects of cricket paled by comparison to other sports. Alas, I digress…

Being at the game is great fun. Since my gambling prowess is minimal, a small pouch of coin is usually lost completely at the Tables. So the social side is why I go…that and the FOOD! Nothing better than a tub of Shark Hash with hot sauce & a cold beer to sit off with and shoot the breeze with total strangers!

However, getting to the game & parking therein is FARKIN HOPELESS! And it doesn’t matter which end of the Country you go. How can there be an all-encompassing, 2-day game without reasonable parking? Now that the Little Wookie is beginning to embrace Sport, there’s no way I can park 5 miles from SCC / StGCC and walk to the gate – I’d never hear the end of it!

Maybe I’ll go by boat this year…?!?!?!

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