Babylon Oppressors!


What a show of farce … ooops, I mean FORCE … on North Shore this morning! Oh how impressive it was. I particularly liked all the bikes being pulled over for passing stationary traffic – didn’t realize that was against the law?!?!?

This must be the next step in the evolution of traffic control & transportation; A perfect platform for Bermuda to commute the way Will Smith ‘drove’ in the movie I Robot…the cars drive themselves & stay in line safely. Bollocks!

I am happy to say that I was forewarned of the trap & cautiously passed all the traffic at speeds below 35 kph. I also noticed that very few other bikes were doing the same, so I have to assume that they also knew what was coming – how, I don’t know.

All the Boys in Blue managed to achieve was to further alienate them from the bike-riding masses, who are the very members of the commuting population who need their protection. They also did a nice job turning what is normally a 15 minute rush-hour ride into a 30 minute, creeping, dodging, and frustrating weave through traffic.

One really has to feel for the 4-wheelers who were inconvenienced even more…

3 thoughts on “Babylon Oppressors!

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  2. All I can say that the police have been performing like idiot savants as of late. While dodging the bullet of preventing and solving the real crimes out there they have decided to enforce a ridiculous speed limit at a time where it is almost impossible to speed due to the bumper to bumper traffic. Who’s the Einstien who decided to air this mental fart of an idea?

  3. Nah, it’s way easier to pull over drivers and try to ticket people driving over 35 kph during rush-hour.To actually focus on dangerous drivers… that’s too tough to deal with. And as for crimes against people and property, heck. CCTV will solve that problem. The officers can focus on other activites like cruising around in their cars, stopping at KFC or the TigerMarket to get a snack every so-often.

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