The Worst stretch of road…?


I have been mulling over the idea of a Poll to find out which sections of Road in Bermuda are the WORST kept. There are several along my own route from the East End that I have to constantly avoid – particularly in the rain – so as not to deck out. Here is a sampling:

  1. Crawl Hill West – without a doubt, the worst stretch on my route. At any point after even a light misting of rain, the tarmac literally crumbles & pot-holes develop. Then when the REAL rain starts, the pot-holes are expanded by the river of water running down the Hill.
  2. Burchalls Cove – maybe it’s all the runoff from Crawl (doubt it!) but this section has been patched by W&E so many times it has ridges running in all directions…not good for bikes & definitely not for bicycles!
  3. The Flatts Speed Bump – even if they didn’t intend to (again…doubt it!) they have managed to create a pretty nasty speed bump smack in the middle of Flatts. I’m sure the residents don’t mind & the businesses either, but for us Transients it rattles the kidneys.
  4. Palmetto Road – in the stretch from The Rec down to St. Monica’s – in BOTH directions – there are 7 manhole covers that are nowhere near level with the rest of the road. As I follow the 4-wheelers, even THEY are swerving to avoid them.

3 thoughts on “The Worst stretch of road…?

  1. The only place I really don’t like is the roundabout heading out of town towards the incinerator.As the top layer of road is very broken away, it’s always fun taking the roundabout in the rain.The speed bump in Flatts I didn’t even notice until you pointed it out Wookie. Obviously you’re not taking it fast enough 🙂

  2. As a “Parish man”, who also takes the same path to and from work as yourself on bike, I agree wholeheartedly with each of the hotspots you mentioned Wookie.The Flatts bump is especially bizarre because (a) it seems silly, (b) there was never any signage posted to indicate the hump, (c) there’s a temptation to aim for the flat portion in the middle and of course the centre of the road ought to be avoided (unless you’re a giant SUV, heh).Of course the road leading from Canal Road towards Woodlands (ending at BAA gym) is also butchered up.

  3. I nearly forgot the much-butchered Par-la-ville car park. Entering it is crazy enough but when you get to weave among bumps and pot holes, yeah. I’d suggest that they repave the whole thing one day but since Corp. of Hamilton is planning to level the whole thing for their hotel we’re going to see nothing but more patching-up over the next year or two.

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