Spatial Awareness


I have finally figured out why so many non-Bikers have difficulty on Bermuda’s roads – Spatial Awareness. Oddly enough, you can learn all about this topic by discussing little children & their learning to walk. Toddlers will constantly reach out to something for support which is actually out of their range and usually crash. Same with the 4-wheelers here.
If you’re ever following a non-Bike which is approaching a pedal bike, watch what most drivers do … all 4 of their wheels cross the centerline to pass a cycle which is only 18″ wide. No Spatial Awareness.
Bike-riders HAVE to know their limitations, so we are sure about getting around Slow Pokes front bumpers & Middle Lane negotiations.

One thought on “Spatial Awareness

  1. I swear sometimes that the driving instructors must teach their pupils that the centre of the road is the way to go. Then we get guys driving their cars in the middle even when there isn’t a bicycle or pedestrian to overtake and then have to react quickly when oncoming traffic approaches them. But that’s just me hoping that drivers aren’t that unaware.

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