More Road Awareness Problems


It REALLY get’s on my last neck-nerve when 4-wheelers let others (or DON’T let others) out onto the road at stupid times! Clear example this morning:
Dutifully following some CRV-driver and not wanting to pass, due to their maintaining decent speed. Not a soul behind me for easily 1/2 a mile, when – whoa! CRV is stopping…not slowing & flashing headlights…complete halt – to let fellow CRV out onto N. Shore from Store Hill. I said to myself, “Self, WTF?”
Is CRV #1 incapable of looking in any of the 3 factory-installed mirrors to see if it’s worth letting CRV #2 out? Take a look back, see that nothing is preventing CRV #2 from pulling out AFTER you pass them & keep going. Why let them out? Why STOP for goodness sake?
In the other extreme several days ago:
Traffic crawling along N. Shore at the SAME intersection. As CRV #3 (blue one) approaches Store Hill traffic stops. CRV #3 stops DIRECTLY in the middle of the outlet. Poor CRV #4 (white) – who want to go East & is indicating that way is stuck staring into the window of a stupid person’s blue CRV. Morons, all of them!

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