Who ARE these Slow Pokes?


One of these days, I’ll be able to climb from my rack early enough to get out onto the road & catch the Slow Pokes heading into town. I WILL be making a point of calling them out…since I’m fairly sure none of them read MY Blog – Hah!
I caught up with a few last week, during the School Break. Traffic was much slacker than usual, so the Pokes were more obvious. One which stood out was one of those landscaping trucks towing one of those big, wire mesh trailers loaded with weedeaters/lawnmowers/etc. The driver and what looked like 4 co-workers, were jammed into the cab, rendering the driver almost unable to turn properly at all. They were doing about 25kph, downhill, with the wind. Maddening!
Many of the other Slow Pokes are in fact the elderly, quite often driving the grand-kids (and their off-the-road parent) to school. I will try to identify them one morning & sell them out!!!

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