Dust in the Wind


Okay, maybe not exactly like dust, but it sure felt like I was airborne last night! Lucky for me I was riding East (ie. Downwind), so probably saved about $5 in gas just setting my rain jacket like a spinnaker & ranging home!!
Saw some poor souls riding West & could hear their bikes revving like mad trying to power through the wind…no fun at all.
I have commented on several awkward spots on my ride when it’s windy, so I won’t repeat. Suffice to say, I saw few folks who were NOT ready for the strange wind-shifts on N. Shore yesterday & who got sent all over the place. Entertaining (albeit a little dangerous), but hey, next time many of those people will probably carpool anyway!!

One thought on “Dust in the Wind

  1. Nothing more nerve-gripping than riding home after work in those weather conditions. You have to deal with the rain, the fierce winds, the sea spray hitting you when you approach the church before Shell Terceira’s, when you pass Store Hill, around Bethel AME Church (impossible to avoid the gusts)…

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