A New Day

  • We have to respect Flatts. The idea of ripping through Flatts at any time of the day is sad. Funny how Followers tend to accordion behind those of us who slow down on the way through.
  • New Classification: Oh No You Don’ters = those types of 4 wheelers who, as a bike passes them, refuse to slow to allow said bike back into the lane. Little white van the other morning almost received a stem-to-stern scratch from my brake handle for refusing to allow me in.
  • New Gas prices are absurd. WTF has Bermuda done to deserve a 6 month lag time behind the rest of the world on price hikes? And that for what is widely considered sub-standard gasoline as it is? Shell & Esso need to sort themselves out.
  • CRV influx seems to have waned. The recent emergence of the Hyundai SUV, which is nicer looking & smaller, seems to be finally giving the upgraders a choice. Be interested to see if these latest Hondas keep up the tradition in Bermuda of rotting away in 5 years.

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