Drunk Driving Campaign – LOVE IT!


Gotta say I LOVE the new compaign for Drunk Driving, which (I think) was put out by The Road Safety Council…Wrecked cars at the side of the road with bright, yellow signs. A great idea!

Others will probably poo-poo the attempt by citing the dangers of cars in this state will have on commuter traffic blah blah blah, but I say that Shock Value will go a long way.

I am sure I speak for all my fellow 2-Wheelers out there when I say WE USUALLY aren’t the problem…it’s the 4-wheelers, trucks, vans that rip around our roads 24/7. They can safely do so because they are surrounded by 2 tons of metal. Bike riders are TOTALLY exposed & at the 4-wheeler’s mercy.

Next time you Tailgate a bike, remember who is the most vulnerable.

2 thoughts on “Drunk Driving Campaign – LOVE IT!

  1. I’m also a big fan of this campaign having seen it’s effect when they did this in Canada.People just don’t appreciate what happens to vehicles upon impact and fall for the “We-only-drive-35kph-here-in-Bermuda” trick every time.

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