Current Road/Road-Side Works


On my way back & forth to Town, I have seen some interesting work being done:

  • N. Shore on the east side of Crawl – the retaining wall on the curve below the condos. W&E have only just finished, but it’s not that bad a job…I DID notice the holidays behind the first few courses of block however. Hope it holds for the next 50 years.
  • Similar stretch, next to the arable field – what started as a simple Bda Stone wall rebuild has turned into a strip-mining operation! 2 gigantic holes, each measuring about 20-25′ long / 4′ wide & 10′ deep…I sure hope the farmer was warned about the encroachment?!?
  • Top of Crawl – another retaining wall being erected, however THIS time by an independant (and brand-new) contractor Hunt’s. No doubt related to the sanitation family who, all in all are good folks. Funny, but I don’t think the 4-5 workers were speaking English when I stopped nearby the other day. Hmmm…

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