Smoke on the Water


Quite some time ago – in a thinly veiled attempt to drum up votes, no doubt – the ruling Gummint was all for Emissions Testing & Control. The environmentalists were profoundly happy, the incinerator operators were worried & I was heard often loudly saying, “About bloody time!”

So where is it now? Nowhere that I’ve seen recently. I’ll be the first to admit that Ol’ Betsy can spout some heavy blue smoke upon the first real acceleration of the morning/day. Many a N. Shore traveler in my wake fresh from our Gates is enveloped – sorry folks! But let’s be honest our little bikes are NOT the problem.

The worst lot are the HP Heavies, Diesel Taxis & old Buses. I saw a bus the other day with a 98## number on the back window & it was belching smoke at speed…WTF is a 9-year-old bus doing on the road?!? ( I can only imagine what the interior looks like after 9 years of abuse!)

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