The Problem with Drivers Smoking


Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT an anti-smoking campaigner in any way – for example, I actually find a woman who smokes quite sexy! What I have a problem with is following someone who is smoking while driving – be it on a Bike, in a Car, etc.

First, I don’t like the smell of smoke wafting back at me…it’s right up there with Diesel in stomach-turning capability.
Second, most smokers flick their ashes out of the window which is REALLY annoying. I cannot count the times I have worn a light-colored shirt while riding, only to arrive at my destination with grey smears on my chest from cigarette ashes.
Third – and most troubling – almost ALL smokers toss their still lit butts out onto the road. I guess the ashtrays installed by the manufacturer are just not useful enough? One argument I’ve heard is, “Oh well, if I stub out in the ashtray, it keeps smoking & makes the car smell like smoke.” Then why are you smoking in the car in the first place?

Smoking on a bike is even worse, since said smoker has to either clench the butt in their mouth the WHOLE way or hold it in hand. I have seen so many toddling along suddenly have to toss the butt & grab for the brakes. Stand in your driveway & smoke for 2 minutes THEN get on the bike.

2 thoughts on “The Problem with Drivers Smoking

  1. This is exactly the same sentiments that I have expressed. I hate riding behind smokers who are liable to doing who-knows-what with their ciggies.Heck I’m araid they’re going to flick either ashes or the butt itself directly in my eyes.Mind you we have driving with due care and littering laws around here, but they’re never enforced.

  2. Yeah, compared to global injustice, poverty, war and oppression, smoking drivers has got to be something to be stamped out immediately! Get a life you whingeing idiot…..

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