That Yellow thing on the Road … ?


Do drivers in Bermuda actually know what that yellow thing on the tarmac is? I sometimes doubt it. Riding my pedal bike over the weekend enabled me to see some of this disregard up-close & in slow(er) motion.
Almost every corner I took, the oncoming 4 Wheeler was WAY over the line … there were a few which came closer to me during the ride than those in my own lane! The worst offenders were the Taxis – in particular those really wide ones; can’t remember the make & model, but you know the ones.

Something that also became apparent is that there are 2 schools of thought when passing pedal bikes:
1) Those drivers who cannot pass WITHOUT all 4 wheels going the other side of the line
– and –
2) Those who try to pass as close as possible to the bike.
Either way, my little titanium-tipped & textured Bull Horns attached to my handlebars are capable of making some really cool scratches in auto paint!!

2 thoughts on “That Yellow thing on the Road … ?

  1. Now see, I think that the TCD test says that when driving the median line is only there as a guiding point or something, there’s no need to stay in the left lane or something.Yeah it’s crap and our drivers suck.I remember a post (on Limey?) where someone complained that the reason that kid died at the corner near Ferry Reach was because the line was too slippery! I’m like, ‘the line isn’t there to roll your tires over, idiot!’…

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