Back to School = Killer Morning Traffic


What a difference a week (or so) makes!

This time last week, the drive into Town was problem-free; not a single stop, never had to put my foot down, don’t think I even passed anyone! Starting last Monday, that all changed.

There are some who insist on pointing fingers at the Private schools as the cause, but I disagree. The major cause is the buses. The Ministry now has put into place schedules that allow no margin for error. If there is even the slightest delay, the Buses overlap eachother causing multiple buses in confined spaces.

Of course, the few laybys on my route are NOT designed to contain more than 1 bus at a time. This leaves the drivers with 2 choices: a) Sit behind the first bus stopping traffic completely – or – b) try to pass without smearing the oncoming traffic against the opposite wall.

This all leaves those of us on Bikes with the 4-Wheeler like predicament of sitting in traffic.

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