2-Foot Driving … Grrrrrr


I don’t know how prevalent it is on other thoroughfares about De Rock, but on my route (N. Shore) the number of drivers who 2-foot drive is amazing.

What is 2-Foot driving you ask? When you operate your 4-Wheeler with one foot on the Brake & one foot on the Gas. Unless your sh1tbox is in danger of stalling if you take your foot off the gas (been there – sympathetic!), drive properly.

As a Rider, I have to be constantly aware of Brake Lights … particularly around sharp corners during The Rush. But if your speed is NOT going to change, keep your damn foot off the brake. All you do is create a domino effect of brakes that could cause someone to slam on hard for no real reason. That endangers us on the Bike more than most situations.

One thought on “2-Foot Driving … Grrrrrr

  1. oh peachy, so the instructors are encouraging that crap too? That’s just so dangerous (not to mention lazy and stupid)You are right though, I’m seeing more and more cars with brake lights on yet not slowing… it’s confusing. Not easy being a bike rider 😦

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