Cyclists and Runner and Walkers, Oh Crap!


This morning we on the N. Shore Train, ran the whole gamut of non-Motorized hazards.

First we encountered the obligatory, need-to-get-in-shape, haven’t-ridden-a-bicycle-in-days type. It was weaving it’s way slowly along, halfway out in traffic, getting ticked when anyone came too close. Unless you’re an experienced rider, STAY OFF THE ROAD IN RUSH HOUR FOOL!

Next we had a couple walkers, toddling along point to the water, smiling & chatting … side by frickin side in the frickin road. Go find a field to walk around (Shelly Bay was less than 500 yards away!) instead of our Road.

Last – and by no means least – the Police Cadets / Cadre / don’t know what they were, had been sent on a run obviously from Prospect, out along Middle Road & back via N. Shore. This was either an attempt to slow traffic down by offering Sacrificial Lambs OR the officer in charge is FACKIN STUPID. More than one of them got hit by Mirrors that I saw from way back, so I’m sure other were too.

All 3 of these modes of transport need to be REMOVED from the Roads during The Rush. Period. Tough sh1t of you’re off the road or need to exercise, ride @ 6:00am or 10:00am NOT anytime in between.

2 thoughts on “Cyclists and Runner and Walkers, Oh Crap!

  1. You forgot horseback riders who bring in that added element of unpredictability.Also, they advise cyclists and rollerbladers to ride in single file, however we have groups of riders all bunched up every now and then, further slowing things up.It’s a shame that there aren’t decent bike trails across all of Bermuda; and sometimes even the Railway Trails aren’t desirable by some folk; I’m not sure what the best solution to the issue is and doubt that it would be really addressed by the powers that be anytime soon.

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