Rain Travelling


Rain Travel can be a BLAST on a bike … as long as you’re careful. My ride down the west side of Crawl this morning was interesting!
A couple tips for the uninitiated (a.k.a. Bike Newbies):
– Always get behind a 4-Wheeler & stay in line with the wheel in front of you. Sounds backwards right? Well, if there is enough water on the road like today, the cager’s tires (by design) pump out the water to give better contact with the tarmac. Even REALLY big puddles get parted like the Red Sea & you can ride right through them!
– Beware of and ready for Cross-Splash. Vehicles hitting big enough puddles on the OTHER side of the road will wash over you. Try not to freak out, like a young girl did this morning in front of me! Poor little thing almost decked on the spot!

Morning driving is THE most hazardous part of the day. Why?
4-Wheelers climb into their Death Wagons half-asleep, don’t use Indicators, put on makeup, dial the cell phone or text, checking mail on Crackberries, etc.
More than once, I’ve resisted the temptation to bang on the window while Dawnika is glossing her lips or Deamirko is texting his mate … just to lend my assistance, of course.
And another thing … Why is it that 4-Wheelers insist on driving in dimished light WITHOUT Lights on? The standard response I hear is, “Vell, I could see FINE. I dunt need no bleddy headlights!”
This morning, I counted 15 vehicles – cars, vans, HC trucks & BUSES if you can believe it – with only driving lights on. Morons.

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