Vehicles of All Sizes


Saw a good example of the vast differences in Car Widths this a.m.

A cyclist on N. Shore at 7:30 (which everyone knows drives me nuts!) was being passed. There were several Diawoo Matiz-sized cars which went ALL the way over the Line – ie. all 4 tires – just to get around said cyclist, then the CRV’s which almost clipped the poor guy with their side view mirror.

If your car is incapable of sharing the road with the rest of us, it doesn’t belong here!

Speaking of widths, the newest Buses have been out on the roads recently. I went by one last night, on the deadly corner above Gibbett’s Island & the MoFo was over the line BUT I could hear the bushes (?) getting hit on the other side, it was so wide!
Now I understand that the PLP are planning on making Bus Travel FREE (to what segment of the commuter population, I don’t know), so I assume that the next set of Buses will be SO wide, that they won’t be able to pass each other.

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