Roadside @ Christmas


On my ride home the other night, it occurred to me that there are NOT as many Christmas decorations up so far this year. Probably has something to do with that little election thing going on! But something else popped into my furry head…

There are many, many buildings (houses in particular) which are right next to or above our Roads. The owners &/or rentors should be obligated to decorate for the Holidays. If you own or live by the side of the road…most often by your own choice…you are obviously interested in Seeing or Being Seen by the masses. If so, why not decorate your edifice for the holidays?

BELCO already subsidize their poorly-entered Competition every year, so why can’t Govt. join in & further subsidize homeowners? It would certainly be a nice way to show each other that we ALL love Christmas & can love it TOGETHER as a Nation.

4 thoughts on “Roadside @ Christmas

  1. Obligating folks to decorate?!? Maybe we should “obligate” those road side residents to decorate their frontage with lovely flower gardens that we can all enjoy as we drive past. And maybe we can “obligate” them to paint their homes in lovely pastel colors that tourists love to see, and not in a garish color that the homeowner might themselves like.And I am sure that everyone whose home borders a main road chose to live with the incessant noise from road vehicles and the exhaust fumes that come from them. Could they have “chosen” to live beside the road because it was all they could afford since the price of their house was within range because not many folks want to live in a spot where they are subject to road noise and pollution and many “obligations” as part of their location?

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