Police STEP-ing it up?


Nice to hear that the Police will be STEP-ing up their enforcement of Road Safety. Mind you, many infractions happen in a split second & unless Bobby de Babby is exactly in the right spot, nothing can be done 😦

I wonder if the following 2-Wheeler tricks will be ‘enforced’/ticketed:
– Texting with on hand, riding with the other
– Riding while dragging most of you body parts behind
– In-helmet cellphone tucking

OR the following 4-Wheeler stunts:
– Tailgating a Tourist (sounds like the title of a new Wii game)
– NOT using Turn Signals
– Using the WRONG turn signal/over-use (a/k/a Indicator Abuse)
– Ignoring the fact that only 1 of your 4 Brake Lights works
– My Personal Fave: NOT Backing off when passed by a Bike; almost had a Side-View Mirror tattoo over my left kidney this morning 😡 … thanks little Blue Opal, a Wookie never forgets

OR the following Pink Bus Events:
– Jamming 4 buses into a Layby
– NOT stopping for Crosswalks

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