Tailgaters…a suggestion


So, we’ve all had them. Those annoying (and dangerous) people who are in such a fcuking rush, that they tailgate. Don’t be confused by that other definition of Tailgating, which I happen to enjoy VERY much – American Football tailgating!!! Cold beer, great local food…but I digress.

Quite often, an I’ve done this once or twice(!), the common solution is to touch the brakes & shock them into backing off. While it IS very effective, it is quite dangerous & if like me you’re on a bike, not too practical. Here’s a suggestion for all those who are fed up with some impatient twit jamming their front bumper up your butt: DON’T hit the brakes, but DO slow down by easing off the gas.

We have become too dependant brake lights. It actually enables the Tailgaters to perfect their ‘craft’, giving them an easy reference as to when to back off. Using the above technique, it requires the driver behind be alert & tuned into your rear bumper.

Hey, it’s worth a try?!?!

2 thoughts on “Tailgaters…a suggestion

  1. Actually did this the other day. They backed off a long way.And yes for other readers I kept an eye on my mirror to accelerate away if they got too close.

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