STOLEN!!! :( Chapter 1


Unfortunately, I had the Silver Fox stolen the other night. I have seen quite a few Sym HD 125’s out there over the past months – a testament to what I thought after my first ride: It’s a great Bike. And Cycle Care have been as good as advertised too…the Sales folks have been helpful & their Service group have been quick & efficient. I envisioned having a lasting Vendor-Consumer relationship. That has now changed.

Imagine my surprise when, after digging out my Bike paperwork, that Cycle Care ONLY gave me 3rd Party Insurance at the time of purchase. I don’t recall being asked what coverage I wanted, so I accept part of the blame. But the Sales people should be encouraging mature buyers to have Comprehensive Coverage – I can see giving out 3rd Party if money is an object for a kid, but still. In this era of escalating crime in Bermuda, 3rd Party insurance is completely useless.

Not only that, but where we live is WAY off the beaten track; One bumpy dirt road in, one bumpy dirt road out. All the neighbors either don’t ride Bikes or are too old to & none of the kids are of age. So, you ask, how did ANYONE even know that the bike was there? You do not casually drive/walk past our house without the expectation of the 4 Rottweilers, 2 German Sheppards + 1 mouthy ankle-biter making right off and announcing your presence. Who would have information about the Bike and it’s location? Who else but Colonial Insurance, TCD & Cycle Care…the first 2 have tens of thousands of Bike registrations in their respective systems, but Cycle Care? Probably only about 2,000 and of that maybe 600-700 Syn HD’s.

Let the conspiracy theorists have at.

(ps – I’ll fill you in on the lack of work done by Police in the next installment!)

2 thoughts on “STOLEN!!! :( Chapter 1

  1. Been there. When my T-Rex was stolen I wondered if it could have been done along similar lines.Will be looking forward to your Police report shortly. One thing that I believe is that Police don’t actively search for stolen bikes (perhaps due to the sheer volume that are stolen), but simply check around looking for any abandoned ones that match, during their regular drive-arounds.

  2. From experience, not only do Police not actively look for stolen bikes but when informed of the location of bikes known to be stolen definitely do not rush to the scene nor do they show any interest whatsoever in apprehending the thieves. More man-power issues?

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