Stolen – Chapter 3 (a.k.a FOUND!)


Well, it seems someone in Prospect actually reads this hairy blog 🙂 – The Bunny of Note said as much over on BIAW.

The newly-named ‘Silver Surfer’ was located by Police a couple miles from the house, down on the Railway Trail in Bay…the one place I hadn’t looked yet. Haven’t been to see her yet, but the Sgt. who called claimed there were “…a few scratches, but on the whole intact…” That is good news one several fronts:
a) No $6 Grand for a new HD from Cycle Care. However, the way they are selling, it won’t matter to them!
b) I can return the loaner. Poor little Axis is getting a little long in the tooth (not sure how my brother manages to fold his 6′ 4″ frame onto it either!?!?)
c) Now have some ammunition for ‘encouraging’ BELCO to fix the street light outside the house.

Oh ye of little faith…wait, that would be ME!

One thought on “Stolen – Chapter 3 (a.k.a FOUND!)

  1. glad to hear the bike was found. especially the fact that you don’t have to worry about either insurance rates going up or forking out the cash for a new ride.

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