A Tale of 2 Rides


What a difference a day (and a little rain!) makes.

Yesterday, left at the appropriate time and headed along N. Shore with minimal traffic to deal with. So we gave ‘Midnight’ a little extra, making easy passes at speed…that is until several clowns decided that the space between me and the car in front was sufficient to squeeze into. One moron actually came so close, I could have pulled his newspaper out of his backpack & then gave me the look like, “Fackin Expat, know your place!”
But after clearing the unbelievably slow little blue car (with a rather…um…wholesome woman driver), the way was clear for a 10 min run from Flatts – pretty good time. No problems at all.

Today, with all the rain down our way, not another Bike in sight for most of the way. And after sizing up the squall that was slowly working east-to-west, we realized that if we rallied hard to Town, we would catch up with the heavier rain. Bad idea since coming along Shelly Bay Stretch, Town was completely hidden by rain!
Stayed in behind a couple cars doing reasonable speeds & still managed to make it in well before 8:00

Funny thing how that happens šŸ™‚

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