Hamilton Parking for Wheelchair vehicles


After doing some digging, I have found that the City of Hamilton needs some help in the way of parking regulations (like we don’t already know THAT!).

You know those ‘Disabled Parking Permits’ – which COH allocates to those who can prove that they have a debilitating condition? I am sure you’ve all seen them…hundreds of them, all hanging from rear view mirrors island-wide. They give the driver permission to use the ‘Disabled Parking Bays’ all over Hamilton (with only a few exceptions, those who pay for a dedicated one).

Nice thought & no doubt helpful. HOWEVER, these bays are also meant to be used by PC cars – the ones which are IN FACT Wheelchair vehicles, carrying a bona fide wheelchair-bound person!

So people can can park for the better part of a day in one of the [u]few[/u] spots that afford a wheelchair car the space to extract said Disabled person.

The 5h1t fight will now commence!

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