STOLEN … Again!


Well, I knew the euphoria of a (nearly) new Bike was going to wear off – just not THIS fast!

Last night sometime after 9:30, ‘Midnight’ was stolen from the front yard. Same exact spot, same M.O. during the rain, same lack of evidence of any kind. Since the original HD was taken, I had been using a 3/4″ cable lock … admittedly only through the front wheel & around the base of the bike. But it was certainly impossible to move without some gurt bolt-cutters! Mrs. Wookie rode ‘Midnight’ home yesterday, but alas forgot the cable lock.

But new developments THIS time:
– Spent the ridiculous $$$ to have Datatagging done; We’ll see if it makes any difference at all.
– Confirmed with Colonial that said Datatags had been affixed & I was now ready for an upgraded policy; Was told not to bother until it was up for renewal (July) because they would charge me twice. BOTTOM LINE – still only 3rd Party coverage!!!

Seriously considering a Bus Pass…

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