Calling out 2 Slow-Pokes


Well, I’m going to have to call out two drivers who were ridiculously slow this morning:

Little White Daihatsu. Somehow we managed to be let out into the vast line behind this car. He has a little bumper sign (not a sticker, airbrushed!) that says, “Undertakers love Overtakers”. Somewhat appropriate, as you will see later 🙂
IF he was going 30kph, he was going 130…painful to be behind.
Another little irk – he had (obviously) a grand-daughter in the back seat…without a booster seat, seat belt, NOTHING. Kid just wandering around in the back seat, climbing into the front & back again. Incredible & dangerous!

Old White Mitsubishi. I thought the Daihatsu was slow…this guy made the Diahatsu almost come to a screeching halt!!! The old guy driving was probably 900 years old, with the Terminator over-classes going on & Mama in the sidepocket GIVING him a ear-full about something. Poor guy, he was really dark skinned, but he was squeezing the wheel so tightly I could see white knuckles! Top speed: maybe 20 kph!

Best part … and I wish I had a camera on my phone, Diahatsu ALMOST tried to pass Mitsubishi thereby flaunting the dire warning on his bumper! Would have made a perfect picture.

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