Callin’ em out – Volume II


10029 – Silver Rover

Coming along the section of N. Shore, between Palmetto Rd. roundie & Clayhouse, this fucking idiot decides that traffic is going WAY too slow for their liking. Now, I’m not passing anyone on the Loaner so you know traffic is moving pretty well. And it’s 5:30 so traffic is essentially bumper-2-bumper.

Moron decides to start passing small sections at a time with no space to pull into at all. First they almost cream a Bike Rider (elderly man on a old Scoopy) coming the other way, before diving in between 2 more Bikes.
Next trick was making a pass on the blind corner by Camara’s Carpentry shop, again diving in front of another unsuspecting Bike.
Last one I saw was passing EVERYONE from Store Hill to the beginning of the Bends, forcing yet another Bike (see a pattern emerging here!?!?) to pull into a driveway to avoid getting hammered.

The more driving I see like this the more I want to drive a 4-Wheeler to/from work 😦

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