Nice, Easy DRIVE in …


That’s right – I said DRIVE! Woo Hoo!
Have access to the Wookie Hummer for the next few weeks, so no freezing my patookus off &/or getting wet &/or being patently ignored by the 4-Wheeling commuters.

So I guess the contention that busses are NOT the root cause of congestion on the roads is, well, total BS?!?! I made it from the house to Bull’s Head in 15mins this morning – never stopped, barely touched the brakes…in a frickin CAR!
Those same naysayers will of course rebut that there are a number of residents away for the Holidays (either forcibly due to Gang connections or actual vacations) as the cause of the delightful commuting. Say what you will, I saw 1 bus the whole way in. Normally, there are 2 or 3 busses per Bus stop on my route.

Whatever the cause, I could get used to the Big Life driving into Hamilton. Now if I could only find a FREE Parking Spot…

One thought on “Nice, Easy DRIVE in …

  1. I trust the Wookie Hummer is really just a Vitara or something at worst, lol ^_^My observation is, and this comes from being a bus-commuter in the 90s/early 00s, that congestion in the morning is due to plenty of cars and trucks PLUS an 'accident' somewhere along the way.Shoot, if something goes down in Flatts then you're backed up all the way to Crawl, most times.There are a lot of what ifs at play, but the main issue with buses and congestion is that there aren't enough laybys for buses to go into along the #10/#11 route. Between Shelley Bay Beach and the Aquarium, for instance, there are three straight stops where the bus has to stay in the road if a passenger is embarking or disembarking.But this is usually a good time of year to be a commuter on the roads (except in the middle of town during the day).

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