Flatts Speed Bump-lets


Haven’t formed a convincing opinion of the little ripples installed in Flatts yet. As usual, I can rationalize my way to both ends of the pro/con spectrum but any device that slows traffic in Flatts is IMHO a good thing.

On the Pro side, (as above) it does slow down traffic. Many motorists are wary of them & have shown genuine concern…for their vehicle! Most are really only concerned for the health of their 4-Wheeled Death Machines; the bump-lets are quite jarring for some of the older or lowered cars. I imagine someone with new Koni shocks feels like they are off-roading, giving their kidneys a good clattering!

That said, the 4-Wheelers are a even mixture of “blast over them” vs. “Slow as possible”. Most SUV’s have soft enough suspension to hit them @ about 20kph and it’s fairly smooth. However, like those above, many think that faster is actually better … hence the reverse of the intention.

Somehow I think the W&E Powers That Be will probably be swayed more by the pimp-my-ride low-riders moreso that the Family Truckster CRVs. They won’t last.

Until then, the jury is still out.

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