Namesake Forum board under attack!


Several years ago, I was humbly honored when a board was named after me on a popular Forum The “Wookie’s Soapbox” board within BIAW is a veritable treasure trove of Road Hog debate & fodder for improving Bermuda’s tramways. Not the least of which are link back here on my various rants 🙂

So the honorable Minister of Transport…with whom I have a shared concern over the state of Bermuda’s roads (yeh, right!)…has seen fit to attack said forum for “threats” to his person. A co-poster over there – Pat from BerNews – has now run a story to this effect: BerNews item

Well, I guess there is sufficient paranoia & panic in Bermuda now that even expressing one’s opinion in the public, online domain is a dangerous game to play with The Powers that Be.

Sorry, you’ll have to pry my handlebars from my cold, dead hands before I stop joining the Chorus of Reason!!!

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