Pass or Don’t Pass…no 1/2 Measures!


I’m not sure if it’s me mellowing or just throwing up my handlebars in disgust, but…
I will admit to being pretty aggressive when Working the Middle Lane™ on the way into Town mornings. Hard not to pass those Granny-driving-the-Little-Precious-school going 22kph lineups that build on N. Shore. But I make my passes within reason and time them to make minimum impact on the lineup.

But when Little Bucky comes ripping up behind me on his Blade™ and promptly tucks into my quarter, I don’t like it! In the past 2-3 days, I have had this happen probably 6 times and invariably my response is to jam brakes & veer left. Sometimes, I even have to wave the arrogant little fucker through – like they aren’t really paying attention in the first place!

One of these days, I’m sure one of these idiots is going to take offense & I’ll either get attacked &/or berated. But what’s THEIR problem? If you’re passing someone, pass…don’t sit on their Six and tempt fate. If you can’t pass, drop back away from the bumper of the 4-Wheeler™ / Bike / whatever and wait your turn.

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