Hello? City Hall? WTF?


K, so Corporation of Hamilton?  Um, I know you’re doing your best to tidy up around City Hall and I guess you have to rent equipment like hi-lifts (exactly why, I don’t know!?!?).  But your contractor has left this sitting there since Friday evening.


I’m guess the owner has no idea what “handicapped” means -OR- since CoH hands out the little yellow (now red) parking tags to EVERYONE, they must just assume the only people they are inconveniencing are fat old ladies with walkers.

Well guess what?  When I try to park my WHEELCHAIR CAR in one of 4 known wheelchair ramp-ready spots within the City limits and I see this f***ing thing there, my f***ing blood boils!

3 thoughts on “Hello? City Hall? WTF?

  1. rummy

    Just spoke to the Mayor Wooks. Says it’s for handicaped people to get to the second floor.

  2. Wookie

    Nice one, my brother! It has since been moved…I tried to take a spycam photo of the driver but missed.
    I was so pissed on Saturday, I almost lost it completely (and anyone who knows me, would be greatly relieved at the “almost”!!!)

  3. rummy

    You see. Even old Rummy still has pull..shift..remove.

    Anymore incidents that require my attention just give me a call.

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