Tsunami Alert!


The storm cells last night made a mockery of the trip home…particularly the squall that hit town @ about 5:30 – WOW!

On my way by Marsh Folly, where the Curve comes down to Palmetto Rd., there is always a puddle just there at the crook of that rise. Well, last night the puddle was a LAKE!

As per normal, Jahtiqua & Shatiqua in their DictyMobiles were carefully easing through the lake finding the shallow end, so traffic was snarled – but not bad.

Out of nowhere, some genius on a bike comes flying between the cars headed back to Town, hitting the puddle at no less than 70kph.

The Tsunami he created was massive! The water went OVER the little white Alto in front of me it was so big.

Something tells me either Genius wasn’t paying attention (surprise!) & in a hurry! Glad it wasn’t my bike…

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