Marsh Folly roadworks


It’s been about 2 weeks since W&E sealed off Marsh Folly between the to-be-finished W&E Depot and Dutton Ave.  Still not sure what was going on.

On the way into work (late!) one morning, I did a little recon…there was a sidewalk they left available and – of course – I slipped down towards the main site.  Well, I tried to.

While digging out my Flip video cam, the Foreman (I think) gave me that evil eye kind of stare, so I dug out before I caused a scene.  Not going to push our luck these days, never know who might get offended by a big, hairy dude on a bike!

All open by this afternoon though, however not sure when they finished whatever shady work was going on.  I rolled by late Sunday at about 3:00pm and there was still plenty of activity.  Hard to equate “activity” in any context with the W&E geniuses.  Zinga!  🙂

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