A Like-minded soul…


Browsing the Royal Gizzird today & lo and behold, a voice of symmetry with your furry pal.  In their weekly music column, DJLT asks the question,”Why can’t Bermuda roadworks be done after hours?”.  A brief exerpt:

“Anywhere else in the world road work is often done early in the morning or late at night. Granted some of it is done during the day but when possible, progressive countries do it during periods of low usage of roads. It makes sense to do the work late at night because the asphalt sets better when it’s cooler, as a ‘so-called’ expert has advised me. It also disturbs traffic less.”

Abso-frickin-lutely!!!  I certainly hope W&E are paying attention (right!) and that the Unions are eventually going to grow up & move into the 21st century (right!)
You lot out there need to read this person’s article…talk about taking a swipe!!!  Love it!

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