You can tell a lot from a license plate (Part I)


Thought about this on the way in yesterday.  You CAN tell a lot about the operator of a 4-Wheeler by their license plate.  This is Part I of a detailed critique of the vehicular particulars based on a number … cool, eh?!?!

Case #1:  Plate # starting with an “0”
One of what I like to call the O-Fers…as in O-9876.  These are plates are throwbacks to the old 4-digit plate of the 70’s.  Many of the drivers of these are going to be grandparents taking The Little Precious to/from school (and more often than not, only do the Speed Limit…grrrr!).  The cars are usually in good shape, minimal dents & dings and generally well looked after.

Alternately, it’s the daughter of said Grandparent who took ownership of the car.  It becomes apparent (pun intended!) following this variation of 4-Wheeler that it may be an exception to the above rule.  Car is dented, scraped, windows dirty & opaque, stupid little air-freshener + plastic beads + mini Jamaican/Trini/other flag dangling from the mirror.  Child bobbing around, jumping from front to back -OR- permanently jammed between the front seats…no carseat/booster seat, no seatbelt, no safety observations at all.  Driver yakking on their Blackberry, usually a cigarette clutched in one hand, music going.

Too bad Granny & Grandpa had to give up the car … I’d rather follow them @ 35kph than Ace-Girl anytime!

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