Cell Phone bonanza yesterday!


Even though it’s Half Term for almost all schools, traffic (beginning Monday) has been logically fairly light.  On the way in on Monday, travel time was down by at least 5 minutes;  No Grannies/O-fers™ delivering the Little Precious;  Minimal buses … nice way  to start the week!

On the way home, mostly the same.  However – since I left the orifice a bit late – I expected even fewer impediments.  Oddly enough, I was wrong.  No matter, the Middle Lane™ was going to provide my respite from the unusual line of traffic I pulled behind about @ Dev. Rec.

As I passed the line (consisting of 5 cars, 2 Bikes & a Taxi) EVERY SINGLE DRIVER WAS ON THE PHONE … with the exception of the pillion passenger on Bike #2, who was relaying instructions from the Phone to the Rider!!!  Taximan was all dickty with his bluetooth headset, but still laughing & jabbering away.


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