“What does a PC license plate mean?”


I seriously had that question posed to me by someone the other day; “Does it mean you’re a Cop!?!?” There are idiots out there who actually don’t know.
That said, the indignation the CoH parking pass-holders show when I pull into an ACTUAL Handicapped Parking spot is palpable. Even as I’m wheeling the Little Wookette out of the back in her Wheelchair, they ask, “Ya gonna be long? Um gotty to go store, right.”
How is it that I have to vie for a Wheelchair-accessible parking spot with stupid, fat, unhealthy morons who think because they paid CoH money it gives them the right to park all day AFTER DRIVING THEIR OWN CAR TO TOWN.
On top of that, the next Traffic Warden who tells me I have to Pay & Display is going to limp away from me pregnant for all the F’s I’m going to put into them.

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